The 17th Asian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition – Gallery

I would like to state that since assuming the helm as Managing Director in the 4Q of 2018, my team and I have busily reinvented and reinvigorated the business model of ISI Control SB to stay relevant and current in such challenging and dynamic climes. 

Indeed we also reinvented our route to market by rejuvenating old ties with key principals and acquired new capabilities, noteworthy, of which is our Industry 4.0 capability coupled with a clearer focus on our core instruments and mechanical markets. 

We now stand together with the Industry 4.0 to further generate new growth dynamics, new efficiencies and new wealth. We are able to synergise our traditional and well proven instruments with the digital demands of the current future ie Industry 4.0. 

I would like to end by expressing my sincere gratitude to all the stakeholders, especially the customers and principals for the support of the past 28 years to ISI Control SB and we shall forge a newer and reinvigorated relationship.












07 Sep 2021