Electromagnetic Flowmeter


Electromagnetic Flowmeter


Electromagnetic flowmeter consists of sensor through which the measured liquid flows. The electronic convertor amplifies the low-level signal from sensor.


Measurement is independent of fluid density, viscosity, humidity, temperature, pressure and conductivity
There are no obstacle parts in the measuring tube, no pressure loss to the tube of which the straight part is of low requirement.
The sensor with advanced processing technology is of nice resistance to the negative pressure.
LCD backlight displays reading clearly under the Sun or in dimly lit areas.
In harsh environments parameters can be stepped up through the infrared ray touch buttons without opening the cover of the converter.
The converter has alarm output function of self-diagnosis, empty load test high and low limit of the flow, two-stage flow value, etc.
Not only applicable in general process test but also for mineral serositis, paper pulp as well as pastry liquid.
High pressure type electromagnetic flow sensor with PFA lining which is resistant to high pressure and negative pressure is especially applicable in industries of oil, chemistry, etc.



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