SFT-100 Mass Flow Transmitter


SFT-100 Mass Flow Transmitter

SFT-100™ Mass Flow Transmitter

The NexGen® SFT-100™ Mass Flow Transmitter interfaces with the entire family of Red Seal mass flowmeter transducers.

Features And Benefits

Measures mass flow rate and total mass, density, temperature, standard and actual volumetric flow rate and total volume; and percent solids/ concentration and solids mass flow rate and total
Patented Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology
Value-added design allows the user to select only the necessary options
Offers preset (two-stage) batch control in explosion-proof/flameproof area from local keypad/display
Standard Modbus/RS485
Diagnostic self-check capability
Two or three analog outputs; one pulse (quadrature) output
Accuracy, repeatability and reliability with 100:1 turndown



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