Pressure Transmitter PASCAL CVtype CV3110


Pressure Transmitter PASCAL CVtype CV3110

Pressure transmitter PASCAL CVtype CV3110

The modular pressure transmitter PASCAL CV is suited for measuring the relative and absolute pressures of gases, vapors and liquids.


Modular pressure transmitter with diaphragm seal technology
Function module replacement on site withoutrecalibration “plug and measure
Limits of measuring range 0.2 bar to 40 bar
Accuracy: ≤ 0.15 %
Turndown 5:1
Degree of protection IP 66
Hygienic design according to EHEDG, FDA and GMPrecommendations
Material and surface quality according to the hygienicrequirements
G1A process adapter with elastomer-free hygienic process connection, rotary thread adapter suitable for HYGIENICprocess adapter

Hygienic Adapter Variable
Clamp socket Varivent Welded Socket Tapered coupling w/ union nut



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