Universal Process Calibrator


Universal Process Calibrator

Universal Process Calibrator

MCS-XV is the new Presys advanced multifunction field calibrator and HART communicator combining multiple software and hardware resources as well as communication features to achieve productivity gais in day-to-day calibration operation.


Measures and generates mA, mV, Volts, ohms, RTD, TC, and Hz with accuracy 0.01% up to full scale.
Up to four optional modules of 250 mmHO pressure to 10,000 psi. It has the barometric reference (optional) for absolute pressure indication.
Hart Full Configurator (optional). Compatible with DD configuration files recorded in FieldComm Group.
24Vdc power supply for two-wire transmitter. internal 250 ohms resistor configurable.
Documentation capability. Automatic calibration tasks can be created or executed with or without the use of computers.
Calibration Reports issued directly to USB printer or PDF file.
Data logger function for data acquisition and display in graphical format.
Touchscreen display with high visibility friendly interface.
Compact, portable, powered by rechargeable batteries for field use
Also available in versions Desktop (DT) and 19″ Rack Mounting (RM).
e-Connected: Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional), Pen-drive, Hart and USB Host/Device.

Portable Version
Rack Mounting Version
Desktop Version


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