Dry Block For Temperature Calibration


Dry Block For Temperature Calibration

Dry Block for Temperature Calibration

Dry Block Calibrator performs functions that would require three different types of instruments: a dry block, standard thermometer and electronic calibrator measuring signals generated by RTDs, thermocouples, thermoswitches and mA generating sources.


Generates temperatures from 50 ºC up to 1200 ºC with a resolution of 0.1 ºC
Allows the use of a black body insert for the calibration of infrared pyrometers.
Using the internal reference, accuracy of up to ±3 ºC.
Using an external thermometer such as Presys Super Thermometer ST-501, accuracy of up to ±0.75 ºC.
Stability of ±0.1 ºC.
Uniformity of ±0.2 ºC.
Input for RTD, thermocouples and thermoswitches.
Internal regulated 24 Vdc power supply and mA input for 2-wire transmitters.
External reference thermometer not necessary.
Completely automatic calibration with or without the use of a computer.
Documenting capabilities: connection with computer and ISOPLAN calibration software.
Portable, compact, with carrying case and interchangeable inserts.

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