Metrus Test Bench BV 36/500 And BV 80/500


Metrus Test Bench BV 36/500 And BV 80/500

Metrus test bench BV 36/500 and BV 80/500

Most international valve standards will demand the valve to NOT be exposed to high clamping force prior to the increase of testing pressure – a requirement hardly possible to be achieved with hydraulic clamping. Since more than 40 years, METRUS valve test benches are equipped with our superior automatic seal head technology. Those seal heads directly convert test fluid pressure into clamping pressure, ensuring a smooth and linear clamping force increase along with the increase of test fluid pressure.


Clamping unit for butterfly valves up toDN 500 / 20″ METRUS Precision valves
Hydraulic clamping force up to 36 / 80 tons Anodized, chemical resistant front panels
Safety interlock system while valve is under pressure Stainless steel control cabinet
Max. test pressure at DN 500 / 20″ up to15 / 50 bar Closed water cycle
High pressure water test up to 60 bar from bottom side Piping and fittings in stainless steel
Low pressure air test up to 6 bar from bottom side Visual seat leakage control from the top

External testing adapter – for testing valves larger than DN 500 / 20″ beside the calmping unit
Gauge turret for 4 + 1 gauges
Safety pressure limitation system


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