SV 50/200


SV 50/200

SV 50/200

Most international valve standards will demand the valve to NOT be exposed to high clamping force prior to the increase of testing pressure – a requirement hardly possible to be achieved with hydraulic clamping. Since more than 40 years, METRUS valve test benches are equipped with our superior automatic seal head technology. Those seal heads directly convert test fluid pressure into clamping pressure, ensuring a smooth and linear clamping force increase along with the increase of test fluid pressure.


 Clamping range: DN15-DN200 1/2“- 8“ alternatively:DN15-DN400 1/2“-16“ Stainless steel control panel
Pressure piping: PN600 bar stainless steel Anodized, chemical resistant front panel
Clamping force:50 tons Bubble counter + rubber plugs up to DN 100
Way of clamping: hydraulic clamping system with3 and 2 claws (alternatively) Safety interlock – prevents opening of clamping unit when system is pressurized.
Test uid: Gas/air (external supply) Gauge quick connection for tool free change of gauges
METRUS Precision valves

Water testing up to 600 bar with test uid, st. steel drip pan and two chamber water tank, closed water circuit Gauge turret for 4+1 gauges
Bladder accumulator for water testing Safety cabinet for clamping unit
Internal air booster up to 400 bar. CRS with panel PC
Safety pressure limitation system ESD Emergency Shut Off


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